Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unfortunate Prom Dresses

Taking Faux pas to a whole new level.

When being pregnant at your prom isn't embarrassing enough.

Yes this is, in fact, a REAL prom dress.

Ideal for the most desperate attention-seekers.

The Pink Nightmare.

Or is that fuschia...?

Not that it matters. We're too busy looking through it to care.

I stand corrected... THIS is a Pink Nightmare.

She looks like the rejected feather duster from the Swiffer commercials.

Looks like someone raided Shania Twains closet...

This blogger does not condone muppet murder for the sake of your disastrous prom fashions.

This looks like a cheap, horrifying attempt at replicating Halle Berry's risky Red Carpet fashion.

The bedazzled bow-flowers with the tassels hanging from the boobs adds that extra touch of class.

You can't talk unfortunate fashion, especially prom dresses, without the 80s getting an honorable mention.

How cute, her hairdon't matches her shoulder poofs.

Feel free to comment with your own examples :)

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